Sushi Mafia Tokyo

What is Sushi Mafia?(draft)


the center of sushi culture, Sushi Mafia has been delivering the values of sushi from various methods and ways since their foundation in 2014. With the motto “DO EVERYTHING SUSHI RESTAURANTS CANNOT DO”, all of their ingredients are Michelin Star quality, own a tuna dealer in the Tsukiji Fish Market, and organize high-end sushi experiences to the VIPs from all over the world.

Everything Sushi Restaurants Cannot Do

Our business activities are not limited in one area.
That being said, following the global & high demand toward sushi, what we do is simply to pursue the heart of the cuisine.

  • Sushi Tour
  • Molecular Sushi Gustoronomy
  • Sushi Entertainment
  • Seafood wholesale trade
  • International Fish trade
  • Sushi Media