Sushi Mafia Tokyo

Sushi Mafia Premium

Sushi Mafia Premium offers you an half day activity with an actual sushi chef who trained at Michelin starred sushi restaurant and performing at his/her independent sushi shop as the master.
The master closes lunch for the guests of this activity, and leads you to the fish market for fish procurement, and hands on private sushi making class.

Please contact us for the availability.

    Sushi Mafia VIP

    Sushi Mafia VIP offers the inclusive activities with hotel pick up, most popular and best seller packages.

    You can customize our activities adding add-ons such as sake pairing, hotel drop-off or tuna auction to, whatever say, sushi class, tuna auction tour.

    Sushi Mafia Tours

    Sushi Mafia Tours offer the most flexible options of Sushi Mafia services.
    All activities are customize-able from the minimum units with all possible add-ons.
    i.e. Adding sushi making to Toyosu market tour alone, VIP Workshop without hotel pick up.

    Please select one from the below elemental activities and add add-ons as you desire.