We had a guest from New York for Tokyo Tuna Auction Insider Tour. He was very curious about the market and the auction very much, and eager to know everything. While watching the tuna auction from the mezzanine observation area, he asked many questions to a tuna expert trader. He said he was very happy to gain deeper insights for the fish industry as well.
In the fish Intermediate Wholesale Market, what was interested him the most was the liveliness of the workers trading a large amount of seafood. 
Also, a variety of shrimps and shells attracted his attention.
He added the option of the supreme Japanese-style breakfast. We got some fresh bluefin tuna from Toyosu market and headed for our dining. There, our main chef showed him how to cut the block of tuna into small portion and explained the different parts and qualities of them. Today's menu included Tuna Sashimi, Tuna steak, Japanese omlette, simmered shrimp with radish and mushrooms, asparagus salad, and miso soup. He liked the fatty part of tuna Sashimi so much and said, “This is the best tuna I had ever eaten” with a happy face.
Thank you very much for joining our tour!