We had guests from Australia for “Tokyo Tuna Auction Insider Tour” this morning.
They were very friendly and active couple who came to our tour only a few hours sleep after their arrival in Japan!
We enjoyed talking with a tuna expert trader who had bought a bluefin tuna at the cost of 5000 yen per kilo in the auction having been held. The tuna master explained how the auction was going on in front of their eyes in English , so guests could understand the system of the fish market easily and how the tuna were caught, delivered and traded in detail. They looked very happy to communicate with such a professional and successful buyer.
In the intermediate wholesale market, which is basically a place of business only for the authorized workers, guests seemed so impressed with a variety of fish and the lively atmosphere. We visited one of the best tuna master's shops, where guests had a chance to watch the staff cutting a big tuna with a long tuna knife.
Thank you very much for joining us !