Start time : 11:10
Staff : Hori(chef) Miho(guide) 
Pax number : 2
Pax info : We had a couple from the USA. Our meeting place was Tsukiji station and we stopped Tsukiji Honganji Temple first. There was “Chozusha” which is set in temples and shines to clean hands and mouth before people get inside and I taught them how to do that and we tried together. After that, we walked around in Tsukiji Outer Fish Market. One of them got an oyster and ate in front of the store as soon as he got. There are many small gourmet stores so eating outside is one of the way to enjoy the market. I recommend it! When we stopped Namiyoke Shrine, there was Chozusha again! And they did the steps by theirselves as well as when we stopped at the temple! Then, we went to the fish store to get fish. The staff showed how to kill fish by traditional way. At the kitchen, they filleted Horse Mackerel and made many sushi! Hori san and I couldn’t believe it was first time for them because they totally were good at doing! 
Thank you very much!
Pax Interests : Japanese language(Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)/ Japanese design plates and glasses 
Finish time : 14:00