Start time : 9:00am
Staff : Morita(chef) Miho(guide)
Pax number : 5(4:1)
Pax info : Today, we had 2 groups but they all were from Los angels so they got friends instantly. When we stopped at the tuna shop in the intermediate wholesale area, the shop owner showed us the long knife to cut tuna. Actually the length of knife was very long like a sword. They all were surprised at it and they held it up. They said it was not heavy more than they thought. At the kitchen, we made sushi and tasting some sake! Their favourite fish were Lean part of bluefin tuna and farm salmon from Nagano prefecture. And they liked premium Japanese sake which is called Daigin-jo. 
Pax Interests : Some of them were interested in not only seafood, they asked me the current situation in Tokyo like constructing a lot of buildings, homeless people, and working style.
Notes :  Apron 3500JPY × 2 
Finish time : 14:00pm