Today’s guests stay at AMAN Tokyo.
They are from London and HongKong. I picked them up at 8:40 then headed to Toyosu fish market by a luxury van. We strolled at wholesale market and bought Tuna, Sardines. Some fishmongers explained us where they were caught, what kind of fish it is, how the auction goes. They also answered some questions of our guests. They are very interested in the distribution system. After the wholesale market, we went to the shopping floor where are the knife shop, Sake shop, vegetable shop…etc. We got wasabi for their sushi making class. They bought Japanese Sake (dry, cold Sake). We also went to the rooftop to see a nice view such as the Rainbow Bridge, Olympic village, river. Then we moved to Tsukiji outer market by the van. We bought a flounder after observing how we kill and preserve fish by the traditional method. After all, we went to our private kitchen where our professional chef had been preparing. He showed how to fillet fish, grate fresh wasabi and prepare sushi rice. They enjoyed filleting sardines and Sake they got by their self. Their favorite was Mackerel. Thank you very much for joining us!