Two families joined Tokyo Sushi Insider Workshop. They were from US and Australia.
At first, two boys seemed a little bit tired, because they walked a lot in Tokyo Disney Sea yesterday. But when we entered the Intermedeate Wholesale Market in Toyosu, they became cheerful to see a lot of fish and seafood.
The married couple from Australia tried some Miso soy beans paste. They liked the rich flavor very much and bought some for gift.
After watching the traditional method of killing fish in Tsukiji market, we headed for the kitchen studio in Akihabara.
In sushi making workshop, the Australian couple looked very interested when our chef showed hot to cut the tuna into small blocks. Then, the customers tried cutting fish with an edged tool. The 13 years old and 9 years old boys were very good at using knife and did a great job. But they could not eat raw fish so much that our chef cooked some food for them, such as tuna steak and grilled fish, using salmon, young yellowtail and mackerel. The boys liked grilled salmon and ate them with their parents. We were very happy to see them smile.
All of the adults enjoyed drinking sake while eating Sushi. They liked pure rice sake called Masuizumi. “Kanpai !”
Thank you very much for joining our tour!