We had a beautiful mother and son from Toronto in Canada. I picked them up from Hoshinoya Tokyo and headed to the market. They were very excited to see the whole process of the tuna auction. Mr.Kosei who is a tuna wholesaler had a very informative speech to them and he answered all their questions before the auction started such as about overfishing, mercury problems, price of tuna, farming system and also personal questions of his life style too. After the auction, we headed to the intermediate wholesale market to buy tuna for their supreme tuna breakfast. There was an owner of the tuna shop. He just got back from the auction and told us that he sold a whole tuna to his customer right after he bought it at the auction. We took some photos of the long sword, license cap, tuna and of course with the owner! We bought all the ingredients for their breakfast then headed to our studio. Our skilled chef prepared a traditional Japanese fish breakfast plate. There were a bowl of rice, miso soup (he used red miso today), tuna sashimi(lean, mid fatty, fattiest part) and bamboo shoots which is in season now lined up on the plate. Today’s tuna we bought was caught in Cape Town a week ago! They enjoyed a week aged tuna. Thank you very much for joining us and please enjoy observing Sumo practice!