A gentleman from Canada joined our Tokyo Tuna Auction VIP Tour. He was very excited to see the auction from the mezzanine observation deck. Actually, the energy created by the sellers and the buyers in the auction was amazing! He took a lot of photos and videos of the scenes happening in front of him, and sent them to his friends in Canada on the spot. Also, he shared his great experiences with his friends by talking on the phone.
After getting bluefin tuna and wasabi from the market, we went to our dining space for breakfast. The tuna was from Amami island in Kagoshima prefecture and it had been aged for 5days. He compared 4 different parts of tuna, Akami (lean part), Chutoro (Medium fatty part), Ootoro (the fattiest part), and Kawagishi (fatty part close to the skin).  Chutoro was the best for him.  Japanese omelet and tuna steak were also served on the plate. He said, “All of the food were flavorful and tasty. I will recommend this tour to my father visiting Tokyo next year!”
Thank you very much for joining our tour! We are all looking forward to seeing you and your family soon!