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What Is Sushi Mafia
What Is Sushi Mafia

01 The activities of Sushi Mafia

are all designed to make the sushi that our clients will be having during their stay in Japan better in the taste by better and deeper understandings. We have defined the necessary aspects as follows, and our services have achieved the all of them at the top quality and standard among competitors.
Why Sushi Mafia
Why Sushi Mafia

02 Why Sushi Mafia

1. Special interpreters dedicated to sushi and fishery industry
When we think about the deep and wide understandings of the art of sushi, we cannot ignore the ability of interpreters and their understandings toward the world of sushi. Our Sushi Mafia Guides are all well trained to have the full possible performance at the areas that are so specialized and deep for general interpreters and guides that they cannot perform as usual, such as dedicated terms, specialized knowledge, verbalizing the world of masters, and of course high operational capability of English language.
Moreover, our Sushi Mafia Guides visit the fish market almost every day to conduct activities and to learn the mastership, which means we are clearly different from the normal and general guides not only at the rich knowledge and informative instructions, but also at the ability to verbalize such information and knowledge by their own words.

2. Chefs of supreme skills and hospitality, with the top-class ingredients
No matter how an interpreter is very skilled enough, ultimately speaking who opens to show the hidden world of the master craft is nothing but the masters. Our Sushi Mafia Chefs are always striving to keep the high standard of techniques, and capability to verbalize it in a simple but understandable way. Because we believe that is a requirement of the good master at Sushi Mafia.
In the activities of Sushi Mafia, chefs with high moral of hospitality and flexibly accommodates to every possible demand from clients from all over the cultures welcome warmly.
All Sushi Mafia’s ingredients are the best items of each day from the market. Not only the supreme grade ones supplied to Michelin starred restaurants, but also the freshest and rarest items, that only offer- able values from the insider’s unique position.

3. Insider access to the wholesale area of Toyosu FishMarket
Eating sushi itself doesn’t necessarily make the understandings of sushi perfect. As sushi’s value relies heavily on its freshness and the treatment while transportation or trading, the knowledge and the sophistication about how it is dealt in the business and the thoughts or skills of the people involved are very fatal aspects when we think about the quality of sushi.
Therefore, all activities of Sushi Mafia are as the standard get into the wholesale are of the Toyosu market where only allowed to the professional buyers. Putting yourself at the masters’ environment and visiting some professional shops to have conversation with the masters surely helps to deepen your understandings toward sushi.

Our Thought
Our Thought

03 The true taste of sushi

largely depends on one’s own understanding of sushi and the customs behind it.
But in most cases you never have a chance to learn these customs at fine sushi restaurants, as it is considered to be a sophistication acquired on one’s own.
Moreover, sushi chefs are focused on creating and pursuing their craft, rather than teaching it to their customers.

Unless you know the seasonality, availability, and other intricacies working behind your dish, sushi is little more than a delicious meal with a mysterious story behind it.
At the same time, there are very few English speakers in Japan who have a deep knowledge and appreciation for the sushi world – and thus there are few people who can communicate the wonder behind this delicious meal to English-speaking travelers and fans in Tokyo.

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